Our Emotional Literacy Curriculum is designed to firstly, help pupils understand that all emotions are valid and should not be viewed negatively. This is done through the discreet teaching of 40 different emotions, using stories to explore each one in turn, enabling pupils to identify the root of the emotion. Following this, pupils reflect on the emotion and try to identify times where they may have experienced it and, if appropriate, identify strategies they could use to manage said emotion. This approach aligns with our Behaviour Management Policy and the use of Emotion Coaching to support the pupils in managing emotionally charged situations more effectively.

Daily check-ins are used to encourage the pupils to practice being aware of and labelling their feelings on a regular basis. Twice daily mindfulness sessions are also used to develop pupils’ self-awareness and provide moments of calm.

In addition to this, the curriculum provides more in-depth teaching around management strategies for specific areas that our pupils (on the whole) have more difficulty with, such as anger and anxiety.

Our Growth Mindset Curriculum aims to develop the skills and knowledge which are associated with being a successful learner. These include:

  • Seeing challenge as an opportunity for learning and growth
  • Knowing that mistakes are part of the learning process and should be encouraged
  • Understanding that effort is the key to success and it is a good thing if something is a bit challenging
  • Understanding the importance of resilience, as the most powerful learning is done when you are challenged
  • Knowing that intelligence is not fixed and can grow. Anyone can learn anything if they stick at it
  • Knowing that the brain grows and strengthens when we use it to learn, just like any other muscle grows and strengthens when it is exercised
  • Holding high expectations of yourself and what you can achieve
  • Being inspired by other pupils’ successes. If they can do it so can you

See the following link to the National Curriculum:
Programme Builders for PSHE Education

Download the Curriculum Maps for each core theme:
Download the PSHE Core Curriculum Map
Download the PSHE Emotion Literacy Curriculum Map
Download the PSHE Growth Mindset Curriculum Map
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