Governing Body

The Governing Body at Endeavour Federation consists of a wide-ranging cross-section of representatives, ensuring that all statutory duties are met and management in policies, budgeting and staffing are effective. We strive to maintain the excellent conduct, ethos, and performance that is expected, enabling our school to be a safe and nurturing environment for all our pupils, Parents/Carers and staff.

Governance of the school is effective. Governors are proud of the school and share their vision effectively. Governors know the school well because of the quality of information that they receive from the executive headteacher and head of centre.” (Ofsted, 2018)

NameGovernor TypeEnd of Term of Office DateResponsibility
Steve CarrollCo-opted Governor06/10/2024Chair
Jenny GriffithsCo-opted Governor06/10/2024Vice Chair
Alan BravenExecutive HeadN/A
Jane BaileyCo-opted Governor14/12/2025
Claire DaltonCo-opted Governor06/10/2024
Cllr John HackingCo-opted Governor06/02/2022
Lauren AndertonStaff Governor06/10/2024
Emma MervaLocal Authority01/03/2026
Bernice KostickCo-opted Governor14/05/2027

P = Present
A = Apologies/Absent

Our school’s governor details and meeting attendance:

Governing Body06/10/2115/12/2102/03/2229/06/22Overall
Alan BravenPPPP4/4
Steve CarrollPPPP4/4
Jenny GriffithsPPPAp3/4
Lauren AndertonPPPP4/4
Pauline NewmanApPR1/2
Claire DaltonAPPP3/4
Cllr John HackingAPApP2/4
Jane BaileyN/AAPAp1/3
Emma MervaN/AAPP2/3

Resources Committee

Alan BravenPPPP4/4
Steve CarrollPPPAp3/4
Jenny GriffithsPPPP4/4
Pauline NewmanPR1/1
Jane BaileyN/AN/AN/AAp0/1

Performance and Improvement Committee

Alan BravenPPP3/3
Lauren AndertonPPP3/3
Claire DaltonPPP3/3
Emma MervaN/AN/AAp0/1