Our curriculum offer seeks to follow the National Curriculum in order to meet the individual needs of our pupils. Students will be taught to analyse and interpret a range of artists’ work from across a range of cultures, times and places. In an environment where creativity is fostered and valued, students of all abilities are able to develop effective communication skills, while exploring and developing artistic understanding and practical skills.

Whilst studying GCSE Art, students complete two units of work for their coursework grade. The first unit helps develop students understanding of the work of a range of artists, develops their skills when using a diverse mix of materials and encourages students’ creativity, when producing final outcomes. The second unit follows the same process but allows students to choose their own theme and artists for inspiration. Students follow the Eduqas Specification and to complete their externally assessed task, spend 3 months researching, exploring and developing ideas, and completing a final outcome in a timed exam.

Curriculum Planning for Art