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Charity Art Exhibition




On 15th March 2019 students from Meade Hill exhibited work at a charity auction event at Whitworth Hall, Manchester University.


The event was hosted by students from Manchester University studying BA (Hons) Management, Leadership and Leisure.


During the Autumn and Spring term students worked hard to produce high quality art work which was to be displayed to the public. All students took part in creating an individual piece of work to be exhibited on the evening. Some of the work displayed centered around the topic in which the students were studying during art lessons, such as Indonesian and Graffiti art.


Each piece of work was displayed on a monitor during the auction and each one contained a small description about who had produced the work, what materials had been used, and what topic or theme the students were working towards.

Sitting and watching the auction with students from Meade Hill, and their friends and families, you could see the sense of achievement and excitement on their faces.


Each piece of work was listed at a starting price of £10. The auctioneer increased the price by £1 after each bid. By the end of the auction every piece of art work had been sold, with some pieces selling for £40. A local artist auctioned 3 pieces of work at the event, and kindly donated the proceeds to Meade Hill. Overall the evening was a huge success. The work produced by the students of Meade Hill raised a staggering £465. Well done to all those involved.