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How safe is your child online?


My name is Christine Morrison and I am the E-Safety Officer at Meade Hill. It is my responsibility not only to educate the pupils how to stay safe online, but parents and carers too. I also investigate any suspected breaches of online safety by anyone using our school network.


Technology moves forward at an alarming pace, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest gadgets, software and apps. Whilst the majority of users have no issues whilst online, we all need to be aware of the dangers which are out there, including grooming, underage sexting, live streaming, and cyberbullying.


Meade Hill's network is monitored at all times to ensure that our children are kept safe. We have very strict search guidelines and no social media can be accessed via the school network. Each pupil has their own, unique log in and know that their passwords must be kept secret. 


Any questions?


I am always available to be contacted at school either by 'phone (0161 696 0764) or via email ( Please feel free to ask any questions relating to online activity, from keeping social media privacy settings as tight as possible, to discussing something that may be worrying you about the online activity of your child. Enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence, but in line with our safeguarding policies.


 Helpful websites - this offers advice for both young people and parents/carers. It is split into convenient age groups and allows very young children to be introduced to online safety from a very young age. It also allows you to report abuse anonymously via their website, in conjunction with CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command). - top tips on game and internet safety - tips and advice on who may be contacting your child